The labour movement has for more than a hundred years been improving the lives of the working men and women of North America. The issues leading up to the birth of the modern day Unions were, poor pay, dangerous working conditions, and rough treatment of the working class at the hands of the Management and employers.

Over the last century the standard of living for all Canadians has vastly improved, making Canada listed with the United Nations as one of the best countries in which to live. The labour movement was instrumental in making the vast societal changes which has resulted in many of the benefits all Canadian workers enjoy, such as:

  • 40 Hour work weeks
  • Labour Day
  • Child Labour Laws
  • Maternity Leave
  • Overtime Pay
  • Employment Equity
  • Fair Treatment of Workers
  • Modern Hiring and Firing Policies
  • Employment Benefits
  • And Much, Much, More…

Union and Non – Union workers alike have benefited from the labour movement in so many ways, yet today organized labour membership is in decline. For the lives of the working people to continue to improve organized labour needs to have a stronger presence, in a democratic society strength is in numbers, the higher the numbers the stronger the presence.

Organized labour continues to lobby the government, to bring about changes such as, Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship system provides the young workers with an educational path that leads to career fulfillment, and economic prosperity.

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