LiUNA Local 837 Health and Welfare Benefit Trust Fund

LiUNA Local 837’s Board of Trustee supplies one of the best Benefit Packages to its active and retiree members and dependents. The current benefit package provides benefits such as, Life Insurance, Weekly Disability, a drug card for prescriptions, Dental, Vision Care, Hearing Aids, Foot Care, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy, Legal Coverage, and one of the first Scholarship Plans. To avoid unnecessary delays in processing your claims please make sure that all dependant information is given to the benefit office. We strongly recommend that you register online at

LiUNA Local 837 has always placed great importance on the education, first for our members and to the children of our members in the form of a scholarship program. In 1988 Local 837 implemented two types of scholarship programs, the first being with Canadian Scholarship Trust (CST) whereby all newborn children born to our members would be enrolled in the CST program. The second scholarship program, the Local 837 Scholarship Awards, was created to award bursaries to children entering into a University or College.

Canadian Scholarship Trust (CST)

Please contact Local 837 to register your children age one and under in the Scholarship Plan. You must also apply for a Social Insurance Number for them, as you must have a Social Insurance Number for the child to be enrolled.

Annual Scholarship Awards

Every June a letter is sent out to the members of Local 837 informing them that this year awards will be given to 8 students who not only achieve academic excellence but who also excel in extra-curricular activities. These recipients must be registered to attend a post secondary education. Those attending College receive a scholarship in the amount of $2,000.00 and those attending University receive $3,000.00 if chosen. The awards are presented at a Gala Dinner given by Local 837 in honor of these chosen 8 individuals.

It is our hope to continue services such as these to our membership as we continue to build, grow and prosper.

Vacation Pay

Vacation Pay is held in trust for our members and paid out twice a year, in June and November.

Irregular payouts are allowed once a year provided that you have a legitimate reason.


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Pension Fund – Why Pensions Matter


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